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UM News Daily Digest - Aug 09, 2022

Plenty of news here.   Plenty of prayer …  service … struggle … new vision … life in Christ!

We always say, ‘I am going to pray for you,’ and that’s true, but God answers those prayers with our hands and our feet and our hearts.” —  Bishop Leonard Fairley, episcopal leader of the Kentucky Conference, to volunteers helping with flood relief.

Volunteer Lisa Cox climbs the stairs carrying relief supplies at Marjorie Sexton's home in Pippa Passes, Ky. Sexton had been without electricity since massive flooding caused power outages across the area. Cox is worship leader at Hindman (Ky.) United Methodist Church. Photo by Mike DuBose, UM News.

Kentucky churches care for neighbors hit by floods

PIPPA PASSES, Ky. (UM News) — After record flooding in Eastern Kentucky, United Methodist volunteers are serving as God’s “hands and feet.” Bishop Leonard Fairley, episcopal leader of the Kentucky Conference, visited portions of the flood-damaged area to offer prayers and thank people for their help. Kathy L. Gilbert has the story and Mike DuBose has photos.

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Dear Friends,
Hope you are enjoying a good summer. We have now planted our bigger space with corn and Flor de Jamaica. The team is busy with workshops in health and development. We are excited to have a week-long training of health promotors in September followed by mission teams from Pennsylvania and Washington!
In Christ,
Nan, Miguel, Clara, Cata and the team at Give Ye Them to Eat.